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The Southwest Corridor Park serves as the backyard, garden, walking/biking route, playground and neighborhood gathering spot for thousands of Boston residents, commuters and visitors. Through this dashboard, PMAC is creating a channel of communication to help neighbors, volunteers and park staff to work together on issues large and small.

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View updates about park projects, both large and small, showing both small steps and major outcomes of the work of DCR staff and volunteers.

4/5/2022: Phase 1 of the community garden renovation project is now underway; with the consultant visiting each garden and developing designs for renovation.
10/5/2021: In the JP Gazette: SNA discusses updates on projects in the community
8/30/2021: The Skatepark ribbon cutting was held on Monday, August 30, 2021, with Commissioner Jim Montgomery, and with speakers from DCR, Converse, Fancy Lad and PMAC.

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