Southwest Corridor Park Alliance

About the Southwest Corridor Park Alliance

For over three decades, we have provided a forum for community input regarding the Southwest Corridor Park. With a new name in 2023, the Southwest Corridor Park Alliance, formerly called PMAC, serves as the advisory group for the park. Together with the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and the Southwest Corridor Park Conservancy (southwestcorridorpark), the Southwest Corridor Park Alliance helps to channel the energy of users, friends, and volunteers into active stewardship.

Get involved with the Southwest Corridor Park Alliance

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. We are currently meeting virtually via Zoom.

The first part of each monthly meeting, from 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm is devoted to public safety updates. Police from the city, state, MBTA, and Northeastern University report on safety concerns, proposing and soliciting solutions to public safety issues. The second part of the meeting is given over to community updates and member input, with discussion on a range of matters such as special park projects, bicycle/walking path improvements, improvements in signage, volunteer activities, care of plantings and shrubs and membership outreach and advocacy. We are also featuring guest speakers and presentations to learn more about a wide range of park-related topics.

Jennifer Leonard, SWCP Alliance Chair; Youth/Family Initiatives; Website
Tracy O'Brien, Community Garden Committee Chairperson
David Wean, Bicycle-Walking Path Committee Chairperson
Scott Romney, Carleton Court Dog Park Representative, Southwest Corridor Park Conservancy Representative
Franco Campanello, Volunteers/South End/southwestcorridorpark
Jenny Jones, Volunteers/JP
Frederick Vetterlein, Greenway Extension Project
Matilda Drayton, Neighborhood Representatives, Mission Deck
John Burke, Neighborhood Representatives, South End
Sage Carbone, Neighborhood Representatives, Fenway

PMAC Membership

The Southwest Corridor Park brings together people from many different neighborhoods and with a wide diversity of interests and activities. Several hundred people connect with the park and with PMAC via our email list, Facebook page and volunteer lists.

Zip Codes: 01701 | 02062 | 02115 | 02116 | 02117 | 02118 | 02119 | 02120 | 02124 | 02130 | 02131 | 02132 | 02139 | 02445 | 02474 | 02476 |
Neighborhoods: | Back Bay | Back Bay / South End | Back Bay/South End | boston | Bourne/Woodbourne | Brookline | Brookside (JP) | Central JP/Stoneybrook | Claremont | Claremont / South End | CNA | Cosmopolitan | District | Dorchester | East Fenway | egelston/jamacia plain | Eight Streets | Fenway | Forest Hills | Fort Hill | Jamaica Plain | Jamaica Plain/ Roxbury | JP | JP / Jackson Square | JP South | JP/Roxbury | Lamartine/Biltmore | Lower Roxbury | Mission Hill | Old Dover/SoWa | Park Side, Jamaica Plain | Roslindale | Roxbury | Saint Botolph | South End | South end / cosmopolitan | South End/ Back Back | South End/Lower Roxbury | SouthEnd | Southwest Corridor/Botolph | St Botolph | St. Botolph | Stony Brook T | Stonybrook | SWC Carter Playground | West Roxbury |
Member Interests & Activities:
Basketball 5.3 (of members registered through this form)7%
Bicycling 33.7 (of members registered through this form)44%
Childrens Programs 13.7 (of members registered through this form)18%
Dogwalking 22 (of members registered through this form)29%
Festivals and Events 27.7 (of members registered through this form)36%
Gardening 19 (of members registered through this form)25%
Jogging and Running 23.3 (of members registered through this form)31%
MBTA Commuting 35 (of members registered through this form)46%
Playgrounds 14.7 (of members registered through this form)19%
Photography 11.7 (of members registered through this form)15%
Skateboarding 3.3 (of members registered through this form)4%
Sports Fields 5.3 (of members registered through this form)7%
Spray Pools 7.7 (of members registered through this form)10%
Teen Programs 1.7 (of members registered through this form)2%
Tennis 11.3 (of members registered through this form)15%
Walking 51.7 (of members registered through this form)68%
Other 13.3 (of members registered through this form)17%

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Please consider joining our email list and participating in meetings and events. The more we build our network, the more effectively we can advocate for this valuable urban park.

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